About CED+

Food for thought is a three year transnational project involving French, Czech, Danish and English students aged 16 – 20. The project, funded by Erasmus Plus, explores national and transnational themes in relation to health, excercise, diet, food, drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
Our four schools: Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School, Lycée Aimé Césaire, Gymnázium Jiřího Orten and Midtsjællands Gymnasium have a long history of cooperation and innovation stemming from the CED+ group.
Previous projects have included the exploration of European citizenship, work, disability, equality, gender, intergration and childhood.
Our objective is to develop our students’ awareness of health and well being by looking at three main aspects:
  • Nutrition and well being.
  • Physical exercise and well-being.
  • Alcohol, smoking and drugs and well-being.
We aim to cooperate and exchange systematically on each topic and subtopic develop better understanding and practices. We want to discover and evaluate the best practices in each member country and develop a greater insight into each of the members’  own culture.
This years project is about alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, where we tried to examine the effect of addiction and how the human body reacts to these substances.

Biology experiments

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