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11 milliards of cigs are consume on the earth every day so 127 314 cigs / seconde.  4,000 milliards of cigs are cosumed all around the world every year. On 2015, the WHO ( World health organization ), a little more than 20% of the wolrd population smoke against 25% in 2005






Psychotropic medicine qre prescribed by q doctor and sold in Chemist shops; In spite of that, they remain a frequent source of addiction; some people lose control of their consumption or deliberately overconsume;  there is a great variety of products but they can be divided in two groups: the depressors and stimulators of the nervous system.



Consequences a prolonged use: – risk of causing deficits of attention, concentration or memory lapses, – flashback: that is they will see reappearing from symptoms of poisoning of days, even from weeks after the stop of the consumption. Certain consumers will experiment a  marked decrease with their libido




4 at 12 hours later the last grip of diacétylmorphine the receivers are always occupied by opiates, but the effects of the substance lose in intensity. The receivers are then more available to bind endorphins, what pulls grave consequences and inverse effects of those looked for. It is this process which is responsible for the addiction and for the physical dependence, where the body having reduced its production of endorphins presents physical symptoms of lack of this substance, called the syndrome of weaning to opiates. This syndrome causes extremely uncomfortable symptoms, as pain,  anxiety,  insomnia and  muscular cramps

Matin Fritzen is studying social science, he is 40 years old. He was a drug addict and he managed to break from his addiction. He visits  schools to tell about his life and his story to develop prevention.

Welcome to Christiania

Christiania, also known as Freetown Christiania is a self-proclaimed autonoæous neighborhood of about 850 residents, covering 34 hectares (84 acres) in the borough of christianshaun in the Danish capital Copenhagen. It was temporarily closed by residents in April 2011 while discussions continued with the Danish government about its future, but then re-opened to the public.