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Project of CED+

We would like to welcome you to our page about alcohol, smoking and drugs. You will learn more about addictions, how to handle them, hazards connected to use and misuse of those addictive substances. To get to each page just click on particular button and it will take you there. It is also possible to choose the page from the menu on the right side.

Video documentary of CED+ 2017

This video is to present what CED+ can do in a week. We are all from different nationalities together in one place to debate the topic alcohol and drugs. The documentary is all about what we do here and what we spent our week in Denmark with. We have lectures and questions answered by students in CED+ and students from Nordskovskolen which is a primary school in Haslev.

Play fun games that will teach you about alcohol in a FUN WAY!!!

If you want to learn about smoking, use THIS PAGE!!!

DON’T do drugs, but DO this page!!!

Most important stuff: PEOPLE, who are behind this thing!!!